Mobilease by Hitachi Capital Mobility

As of day one FleetMaster has supported our strong growth in operational leasing and mobility management.

When starting our company we were looking to bundle all our operational processes in one essential IT backbone. We started our search for a flexible and powerful solution that was capable of easily calculating quotes by integrating relevant vehicle information, while providing the means to set up customer agreements and monthly invoices in an efficient way.

FleetMaster was able to automate our core processes and enables us to calculate and share quotes to our clients in a fast and professional way. It supports our entire business administration and ensures a high level of efficiency in all parts of our operations. Integrations with several applications (from vehicle data providers, to fine management and our accounting solution) ensure our employees can focus on supporting our clients in the best way possible.

FleetMaster has won the prestigious Link2Fleet awards for this solution in 2016. We feel that the solution is continuously expanding and improving. This will benefit all users in the long run and open the door for further technological and functional additions.

Kristof De Backer, Managing Director Mobilease by Hitachi Capital Mobility

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