Optimizing your planning should be easy. Increase your fleet’s efficiency with our user-friendly software and use our planning tools for optimal teamwork.

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Automated daily processes

Smooth handovers, check-outs and check-ins with our mobile application and digital signing of contracts are just a few examples of operational efficiency that's embedded in FleetMaster. You have immediate access to all data across the platform to get your work done quickly.

Planning board

The visual planning board shows your planning in a clear manner and supports easy drag-and-drop functionality. It allows you to group by asset type, category or location. There are easy options to help you find what you're looking for. On top of that, you can plan any activity up to the minute and for as long as needed for different activity types.

Paperless workflows

You can have fuss-free and paperless flow thanks to the retrieval of external data from telematics or other software systems. Design your own documents and mails to automate communication with customers, drivers and suppliers. Last but not least, you can integrate your operational flow, such as preparation of the vehicle or transportation.

Other features



With our cloud-native software and built-in pricing engine, you can effortlessly create and process invoices. Integrate with any accounting system and you’ll be able to track revenues, payments and outstanding invoices.

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Cost management


Keeping track of your fleet’s total cost and profitability can be difficult. With automated registration and charging of costs, notifications for maintenances and inspections and extensive reporting, cost management is easy.

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Business intelligence


Gain more insights and control over your fleet through detailed reporting and flexible software integrations, and by improving awareness within your organization.

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