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An innovative solution capable of supporting Daimler companies in a large variety of mobility solutions.

We have a strong relationship with FleetMaster as we're both a customer and a shareholder (Daimler AG holds a minority stake in FleetMaster). They provide a flexible software solution that is widely adapted within Daimler across different service offerings and for a wide variety of assets across different regions.

The key benefit for Daimler lies primarily in the variety of use cases the solution is capable of supporting along with its open architecture. This has allowed for the integration of Daimler legacy CRM, dealership management, accounting, authentication and other IT systems as well as onboard telematics system. Additionally, it offers the most innovative combination of both backend and frontend technologies. Thanks to its versatile and flexible modules, FleetMaster is capable of setting up different country-specific implementations efficiently while providing the necessary insights at all levels.

Thanks to the high focus on R&D and the dedication of their team, we are excited about the solutions FleetMaster will bring to our industries.

Hans Moertl, Global CTO at Daimler Mobility AG

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