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FleetMaster lets you control your assets digitally and improves your workflows. We help you offer better and faster services to your clients and allow you to manage multiple business units and partners in different locations.

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  • Fleet life cycle

    You can manage your entire fleet with ease while benefitting from a timely and efficient infleeting and defleeting process. Get your assets on the road without wasting time.

  • Multi-location

    Offices in different locations and regions? No problem. FleetMaster is designed to help you turn a complex planning into easy schedules everyone can understand.



FleetMaster lets you answer requests, calculate your clients’ custom quotes, and do follow-up in no time. We help you serve your customers seamlessly to improve your sales and customer satisfaction.

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  • Vehicle availability

    You can find the right vehicle and check its availability in no time thanks to FleetMaster's extensive search capabilities and straightforward allocation functionality.

  • Integrated platform

    Integrate your commercial website seamlessly with FleetMaster to unlock its full potential by offering real-time availability and correct pricing directly to your customers.



Optimizing your planning should be easy. Increase your fleet’s efficiency with our user-friendly software and use our planning tools for optimal teamwork.

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  • Visual planning board

    The customizable visual board shows the planning in a clear manner and lets you group by asset type or location. There are easy search options to help you plan up-to-the-minute short term rentals for different activities.

  • Effortless check-out and check-in

    FleetMaster helps you with smooth check-outs and check-ins by combining its web and mobile application. You can efficiently register the departure or return time, fuel and mileage and add damages on the spot by taking pictures.



With our cloud-native software and built-in pricing engine, you can effortlessly create and process invoices. Integrate with any accounting system and you’ll be able to track revenues, payments and outstanding invoices.

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  • Pricing engine

    The built-in pricing engine finds the correct rental, fuel and mileage prices automatically for your reservations. You can add accessories, services or upgrades effortlessly to fit your customers' needs.

  • Short and long term

    FleetMaster supports both short and long term rentals by adapting its pricing and automated invoicing flows to your situation.

Cost management


Keeping track of your fleet’s total cost and profitability can be difficult. With automated registration and charging of costs, notifications for maintenances and inspections and extensive reporting, cost management is easy.

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  • Damages

    Creating claim files is easy: from registration to taking pictures with the mobile app, from doing follow-up on repairs to dealing with insurance, everything will run smoothly with our software.

  • Fines

    Never forget to charge fines again thanks to FleetMaster's integrations with fine management systems. Once you're set up, all fines can be charged or forwarded automatically.

Business intelligence


Gain more insights and control over your fleet through detailed reporting and flexible software integrations, and by improving awareness within your organization.

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  • Utilization

    Track the utilization of your fleet to make quick and accurate decisions to buy, sell or reallocate assets to different locations. Our machine learning algorithms can help you make those decisions.

  • TCO and ROI

    Calculate the total cost of ownership of your assets and track the return on investment of your fleet easily with FleetMaster. Discover the true state of your business with real numbers.

The advantages

According to our customers, FleetMaster is game-changing in the rental market, because it’s:

  • Continuously improving.
  • Easily modifiable to suit your needs.
  • Perfect for integrations with your IT landscape.
  • Built to help your business be as efficient as possible.
  • Open architecture software, flexible and comprehensive.
  • Technologically advanced but easy to use.

Customer Experiences

Read how our customers benefit from FleetMaster in their day-to-day business operations.

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Leasing becomes easier when you have software this flexible to deal with all types of requests. Get the insights you need to grow.

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Tweak your FleetMaster until you have what you need to seal the deal.
From managing multiple fleets to a clear approval flow, our software does it all.

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