Leasing becomes easier when you have software this flexible to deal with all types of requests. Get the insights you need to grow.

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FleetMaster lets you control your assets digitally and improves your workflows. We help you offer better and faster services to your clients and allow you to manage multiple business units and partners in different locations.

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  • Customer relations

    With our built-in CRM module you can keep track of your customers and contacts, negotiate agreements and define car policies easily. Follow up on your leads and digitize all documents in the cloud.

  • Suppliers and partners

    Whether you're managing commission schemes or preferred suppliers, FleetMaster has got you covered. You can track purchase orders easily and connect directly to their software systems.



FleetMaster lets you answer requests, calculate your clients’ custom quotes, and do follow-up in no time. We help you serve your customers seamlessly to improve your sales and customer satisfaction.

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  • Easy-to-use car configurator

    You can configure assets quickly and exactly to the needs of your customer. Pick and choose from the available options, packs and accessories using templates or always up-to-date manufacturer data.

  • Detailed calculations

    You love the details, that’s why we make it easy for you to make detailed calculations and multiple variations. Use predefined profiles, agreements, car policies and matrix components to make this process go faster and be more precise.



Optimizing your planning should be easy. Increase your fleet’s efficiency with our user-friendly software and use our planning tools for optimal teamwork.

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  • Smooth operations

    From digital contract signing, to efficient ordering and handovers, FleetMaster helps you make sure your operations run smoothly. We aim for fuss-free and paperless workflows.

  • Contract changes

    People change and so do their leasing contracts. With FleetMaster you can register and schedule all contract changes effortlessly and discuss them directly with your customer.



With our cloud-native software and built-in pricing engine, you can effortlessly create and process invoices. Integrate with any accounting system and you’ll be able to track revenues, payments and outstanding invoices.

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  • Easy invoicing

    Not having to think about invoicing, a luxury? Not with FleetMaster. Our application can be set up with your customers' preferences so your invoicing and communication can run automatically.

  • Settlements

    You can seamlessly combine your monthly leasing invoices with repair, maintenance, fuel and mileage settlements and get the invoice to your customer in the format they want.

Cost management


Keeping track of your fleet’s total cost and profitability can be difficult. With automated registration and charging of costs, notifications for maintenances and inspections and extensive reporting, cost management is easy.

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  • Services, maintenances and repairs

    From purchase order to purchase invoice: all services, maintenances and repairs of your assets are processed and attributed to the right contract and cost center in an efficient way.

  • Fines and fuel

    You can reduce the overhead of dealing with fines thanks to FleetMaster's automated processes and integrations with external systems. Fuel statements are automatically matched with provisions and processed for invoicing without breaking a sweat.

Business intelligence


Gain more insights and control over your fleet through detailed reporting and flexible software integrations, and by improving awareness within your organization.

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  • Contract exceptions

    FleetMaster's insights module helps you manage all contracts by exception by keeping track of mileage deviations, necessary contract changes and upcoming renewals. You'll be able to proactively take care of your customers and your business at the same time.

  • Profitability

    Building a leasing company is one thing, but increasing its profitability is something else. Let us help you track your profitability per contract type or contract component so you can grow your business with confidence.

The advantages

According to our customers, FleetMaster is game-changing in the leasing market,
because it’s:

  • Continuously improving.
  • Easily modifiable to suit your needs.
  • Perfect for integrations with your IT landscape.
  • Built to help your business be as efficient as possible.
  • Open architecture software, flexible and comprehensive.
  • Technologically advanced but easy to use.
Erwin Coesens, General Manager Terberg Leasing Justlease Belgium

With FleetMaster’s hands-on-approach and getting-things-done mentality we were able to launch our leasing products efficiently and in a scalable way.

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Let your rental business run smoothly and grow fast.
Pick the modules you need and let our flexible, easy-to-use software support you.

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Tweak your FleetMaster until you have what you need to seal the deal.
From managing multiple fleets to a clear approval flow, our software does it all.

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