What it’s like to work for FleetMaster

As we continue with our recruitment drive, we sat down with three employees to find out what made them want to work for FleetMaster and what the job is really like.

From an academic project, to a four-strong start-up, to a recognised leader in automotive Software-as-a-Service solutions, FleetMaster has been on an incredible journey in the 10 years since inception.

Our success has not been down to our products alone – it is really all about the people who make it work. Our solutions are renowned for fitting to businesses’ exact needs, and achieving that level of customisation requires talented, creative people.

As we continue with our recruitment drive, we sat down with three employees to find out what made them want to work for FleetMaster and what the job is really like. Watch below and find out what they said…

Kelly Lybaert, Product Owner

As a rapid scaler, FleetMaster provided the growth opportunities Kelly was looking for. “From my first day, I was allowed to work independently and find my own way in the role,” she says. Two years later, those opportunities have become reality: “I soon picked up more and more responsibilities. Now I am working as Product Owner of our newest application, FleetMaster 2.0.”

What does working at FleetMaster mean to Kelly? “It means working in a team where communication is extremely important. We work with a flat hierarchy – meaning everyone’s input and opinion will be valued. And when someone gets overloaded, we immediately try to help them out.”

Jeroen van Durme, Developer

Jeroen joined our development team looking for a sharp learning curve – and he got one! “In my early days, I did lots of development on the rental solution. It seemed simple, but because there are so many customers and so many different implementations, we needed to configure our architecture in many different ways to meet those businesses’ diverse needs.

“But I learned a lot from the challenge, and I felt positive for overcoming it. As the company is still growing rapidly, the challenges we face are really opportunities to decide your own career path. I prefer that to the experience you might have at big companies, where everything is fixed from day one.”

What does working at FleetMaster mean to Jeroen? “The company is like a family. We have a lot of fun, everybody feels comfortable, we know our responsibilities, and we’re not afraid to voice our views.”

Melissa De Sutter, Senior Developer

Melissa moved to FleetMaster after a nine-year career in consulting, looking for new challenges and a tight-knit team. So, how did it pan out? “People here see something in me. They allow me to grow. As well as my core work, I am involved in side projects where my skills are seen as being particularly relevant.”

“It’s a smaller company where you are a person, not a number, and there is an excellent team spirit.”

What does working at FleetMaster mean to Melissa? “It means everyone’s opinion matters in every scenario – even in meetings with the founders. We have deep discussions to get to the right solution, without descending into arguments. It does not feel like the company is hierarchical. And whatever happens, we can always laugh and have fun together.”

The future of FleetMaster – and your chance to be part of it

FleetMaster is a fast-growing organisation – having gone from 10 to nearly 30 employees in the past year, and winning business with major automotive brands. Our top strategic priority is to master this growth while retaining the unique aspects of our culture.

All three interviewees talked about how FleetMaster is a flexible, equitable place to work – where project teams are assembled according to talents and needs rather than rigid job titles, and where everyone’s opinion is listened to. We’re also a company with a personal touch: employees are viewed holistically, and their values and goals – not just their skills – are taken into account.

As FleetMaster grows, it’s important to us that these factors stay in place as we enter our next generation. What’s more, you could be a part of that next generation – FleetMaster is now hiring for a range of roles across the business. If you like what Kelly, Jeroen and Melissa had to say, now’s your chance to join them. Browse all our vacancies

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