FleetMaster lets you control your assets digitally and improves your workflows. We help you offer better and faster services to your clients and allow you to manage multiple business units and partners in different locations.

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Digitize your operations

Your day-to-day tasks require lots of data. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to store and find information. Collaborate by sharing what's important about your assets, customers, drivers, suppliers, documents and so much more. FleetMaster is based on the management by exception principle: let our software do the work while you focus on growing your business.

Integrate with external systems

Thanks to its open architecture, FleetMaster integrates smoothly with all your other software applications. From your CRM or DMS system to your accounting tool , FleetMaster exchanges data quickly and accurately, so you don’t have to worry about moving anything. Ever.

Share the necessary data

FleetMaster lets you create different security roles and profiles. This way you can give someone access to your system, but still decide how much or little information you want them to see. So you can be sure all parties have the portal view required to be most efficient with full traceability of all changes made.

Other features



FleetMaster lets you answer requests, calculate your clients’ custom quotes, and do follow-up in no time. We help you serve your customers seamlessly to improve your sales and customer satisfaction.

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Optimizing your planning should be easy. Increase your fleet’s efficiency with our user-friendly software and use our planning tools for optimal teamwork.

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With our cloud-native software and built-in pricing engine, you can effortlessly create and process invoices. Integrate with any accounting system and you’ll be able to track revenues, payments and outstanding invoices.

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