Keeping track of your fleet’s total cost and profitability can be difficult. With automated registration and charging of costs, notifications for maintenances and inspections and extensive reporting, cost management is easy.

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Centralized overview

In FleetMaster, all your costs are managed in one place. You can see all costs and revenues of your assets' life-cycles, which are turned into a detailed overview with ROI insights. Handy, right? Integrate with fuel card providers, fine management systems and your accounting software to have a complete overview and to enable automated cost processing and charging.

Claim files & damages

Creating and following up on claim files is easy with FleetMaster. From initial registration and adding damages with our mobile application, to wrapping up the case with repairs and insurance payments: You and your stakeholders have all the information and tools they need in FleetMaster.

Purchase orders

FleetMaster also manages your purchase orders and who to inform before an actual cost is made. This way, you can compare the total cost with the issued purchase order automatically and keep your costs in check.

Other features

Business intelligence


Gain more insights and control over your fleet through detailed reporting and flexible software integrations, and by improving awareness within your organization.

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FleetMaster lets you control your assets digitally and improves your workflows. We help you offer better and faster services to your clients and allow you to manage multiple business units and partners in different locations.

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FleetMaster lets you answer requests, calculate your clients’ custom quotes, and do follow-up in no time. We help you serve your customers seamlessly to improve your sales and customer satisfaction.

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