Gain more insights and control over your fleet through detailed reporting and flexible software integrations, and by improving awareness within your organization.

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Operational and business intelligence

Reports are perfect to improve your workflows and gain knowledge. From quick overview lists to detailed and insightful reports, both are available in FleetMaster. Use operational widgets to get through your work effectively while the business insight reports show you tons of data in a comprehensible way, so you can tweak your operations where needed.

Integrated and customised

FleetMaster has an open architecture and thanks to the API and customisation possibilities its flexibility knows no limits. We'll fit seamlessly into your IT ecosystem while your users can work in an environment adapted to their work.

All tools are automated

Automated, paperless data flow and communication creates room for you and your co-workers to focus on the important work at hand. FleetMaster helps you grow and evolve without you even noticing we’re there.

Other features



FleetMaster lets you control your assets digitally and improves your workflows. We help you offer better and faster services to your clients and allow you to manage multiple business units and partners in different locations.

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FleetMaster lets you answer requests, calculate your clients’ custom quotes, and do follow-up in no time. We help you serve your customers seamlessly to improve your sales and customer satisfaction.

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Optimizing your planning should be easy. Increase your fleet’s efficiency with our user-friendly software and use our planning tools for optimal teamwork.

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