The ideal software for short term rental companies

Tailored to your needs

FleetMaster brings you an innovative solution tailored to the needs of short term rental companies. Our solution offers you a flexible, comprehensive, user-friendly and powerful platform. Designed based on a thorough understanding of your needs, developed with the most advanced technology.

The right solution for you and your customers

Keep track of all information about your vehicles digitally from purchase until sale. FleetMaster provides you with real-time insights in your fleet and occupancy rate and provides your customers a unique experience thanks to fast and professional services. With an increased efficiency you can focus once again on what is of real importance: your customers.

An easy start

We integrate perfectly with your current software environment and ensure your existing data is loaded into our platform. This allows for an easy start with FleetMaster's cloud-based solution. Thanks to a high degree of automation of your core processes and an pricing model based on the active vehicles in your fleet we guarantee you an extremely short payback time and a high return on investment.


Some examples of why our customers describe FleetMaster as ‘game-changing’ in the short term rental market:

  • Developed from a user's perspective: comprehensive and flexible
  • Easily modifiable to suit your needs
  • Perfect integrations with your current software and telematics solutions
  • Automate your core business processes - fast return on investment
  • Offer a unique experience to your customers thanks to our dedicated customer portals
  • Continuous access to the latest innovations
  • Mobile application for easy check-in, check-out and damage appraisals
  • Pricing possible per vehicle instead of licensing fees
  • The best support at your service

Try FleetMaster yourself today and experience its benefits for you, your business and your customers.
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