The challenge

Patrick Vandoninck, founder and CEO of VH Huurwagens headquartered in Geel, Belgium manages a team that rents, monitors and manages more than 150 vehicles on a daily basis.

"To better serve our customers while optimizing our internal operations we needed a centralised solution to manage our vehicles in a cost effective manner. With a mix of internally developed and externally acquired solutions it became more challenging to keep control over operations." says Patrick Vandoninck.

The solution

"FleetMaster provided us with a solution tailored to our size. It proved to be the ideal solution to organize our rental activities thanks to their complete integration of all core functionalities. FleetMaster offered us several modules we could choose from and proved to be very flexible by allowing us to further tailor it to our needs. Direct integrations with our accounting software and various databases ensure that we can process data and the full check-in and check-out process quickly resulting in high customer satisfaction. FleetMaster supports us in our challenges and is quick to deploy new functionality to advance our business." according to Patrick.

The results

"From the planning module we have easy access to our contracts in order to open, finalise and invoice a rental in a few clicks. Everything is perfectly integrated resulting in a substantial amount of precious time saved each day. Thanks to the different modules that we can activate and the continuous innovation, we are confident that FleetMaster brings us added value both in the short and long term." says Patrick.

"They automate our daily processes as much as possible and give the manager an overview and insight into the activities of various business locations. The platform was developed in collaboration with and for rental companies: this you notice straight away."