The challenge

Michael Van Speybroek, Finance Manager of My-Trucks based in Zomergem, is in need of a powerful system to manage his long term truck rental activity.

"Managing the administration of a fast growing fleet of trucks, ranging from the purchase of new vehicles, starting up a new contract, the monthly invoicing and management reporting, is an important challenge." says Michael Van Speybroek.

He started the search for a solution for this challenge with a comprehensive and thorough analysis. It is an on-going effort aimed at getting the best results out of their organisation. The analysis focuses on their current ICT approach - which is an ‘out of the box’ solution for their ICT management - and a screening of existing solutions in the market. Michael says most systems are on the one hand too focused on one functionality and on the other hand too broad from an operational point of view. This latter issue results in need to make technical adjustments, which in turn are expensive and produce suboptimal outcomes.

"The platform has to be able to support our quick growth and enable us to achieve more output with the same number of employees, all while offering a better service to our clients. The solution should make us ‘operationally excellent’." according to Michael.

The solution

"FleetMaster turned out to be the best solution for our challenges. Based on our analysis and screening of possible solutions we found that FleetMaster’s solution is by far the most advanced, flexible and dedicated response to the challenges of our industry."

FleetMaster allows My-Trucks to process and monitor all administrative tasks related to the purchase of a new truck quickly and digitally, to set up and share contracts efficiently and digitally, to processes and monitor the monthly invoicing through direct debits and to access advanced management reporting with a click off the button.

The results

"Compared to our previous IT system developed in-house, we now have access to a comprehensive ERP solution tailored to our needs and at a fraction of the typical cost of such systems. Thanks to the automation of our core business processes and their pricing model per active vehicle FleetMaster has a high return on investment and short payback time."

"Much to my initial surprise, FleetMaster answered almost always ‘yes’ to my questions on the possibilities of the platform. My first reaction at the presentation of the platform was nevertheless ‘it looks perfect’ and to this day we are very happy with the solution. FleetMaster also seamlessly integrates with our other software applications which further improves our overall efficiency even more." concludes Michael.