The challenge

Kristof De Backer is Sales & Operations Director of the fast growing lease company Mobilease. The company can count on over 40 years of experience in the automotive and lease industry. As experts in operational lease, fleet and mobility management, they were in search for a reliable solution to support their growth in a professional way.

"I wanted to define our core processes myself as much as possible given my experience in the industry. As such, I was looking for a flexible yet powerful solution. The solution has to manage our activities, starting from the calculation of an offer to the monthly invoicing and monitoring of our customers and fleet. Hence, the choice of the IT platform was one of the most fundamental choices in our operations." says Kristof De Backer.

There are only a handful suppliers of software for lease companies. There are, however, several dedicated solutions are available in the market focussing on only part of our operational processes. The solutions offered by large suppliers were not deemed to be viable for a starting business because of the larger set-up costs and required investments. Given the importance of a reliable IT solution, we felt the need for an integrated solution tailored to our needs.

"The platform is required to automate our core processes as a lease company: to enable us to send offers to clients quickly and professionally and to support our entire administration." according to Kristof.

The solution

"I noticed FleetMaster recently when they won a Link2Fleet award. They were able to meet my requirements and even went one step further each time. The solution is indispensable for each lease company: innovative, flexible, comprehensive, user-friendly and dedicated to solve the challenges in our industry." says Kristof.

Thanks to FleetMaster Mobilease is able to execute all administrative tasks in the most efficient way: from creating offers and contracts to digitally processing and managing clients, vehicles and payments. Even the monthly invoicing can be processed and monitored through an integrated system of direct debits. In one click of a button they also have access to the advanced management reporting tools. The solution even enables them to cooperate with other parties that want to set up a (private) lease structure by providing them with access to a dedicated user portal aimed for efficient collaboration.

The results

"Each lease company is in need of a powerful solution, yet only few solutions are viable and effective for start-up lease companies. FleetMaster has a unique product allowing lease companies to grow without having to make a huge up-front investment. It allows them to kick-start their operations quickly, flexible and with the necessary support in a successful way. The integration of tailor-made development, the effective launch and the daily support are top notch as well!" concludes Kristof.