Over the years FleetMaster built a large network of partnerships.
We primarily focus on integrating our platform with your current software and telematics solutions.
This allows us to offer you operational efficiency and an optimal flow of information

Our open vision and flexible integration model allows us to connect to your existing systems and partners as well.
We are happy to extend our network of partnerships for you and your business.

Business partners

By combining the key strengths of proven industry experts FleetMaster can offer you a comprehensive business transformation using a holistic approach. We collaborate with partners specialised in dedicated front-end applications and partners that have built industry-specific solutions on top of the FleetMaster platform.

Telematics solutions

Are your vehicles aleady equipped with a telematics system of one of our partners? Or perhaps you are still looking for a validated and tested solution that is already integrated with FleetMaster? These trusted partners are already connected to our platform.

Accounting systems

An integration with your accounting system allows you to forward invoices automatically into the accounting software. It also allows for a cross check of received payments in FleetMaster and a synchronisation of stored customer details. FleetMaster is integrated with following systems, but we are open to integrate with your existing accounting system as well.

Databases, remarketing tools and software applications

A swift import of correct vehicle and customer details is crucial to digitising your business efficiently. FleetMaster allows you to import vehicle details based on the vehicle identification numbers (VIN). This integration allows you to retrieve essential vehicle details and up-to-date vehicle and option prices for your offers and each module of the platform. Even selling a vehicle, by offering them directly on remarketing platforms, or handling direct debits is possible through FleetMaster’s partners. All in a single click of a button.